Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Squat a Foreclosure

"Squat2Own.com" is defunct, their image is provided here as an example

from [www.Squat2Own.com]:
As the economic downturn started to take its toll on the city, we saw widespread foreclosures, not to mention the increased problem of speculators and slumlords. Squat 2 Own Realty seeks to end these problems by giving people in need of housing the tools and knowledge they need to take over and take care of abandoned properties in the city.
Squat 2 Own Realty has come about out of necessity. The lack of leadership from the city on the housing crisis and outdated property laws have made direct action in the form of squatting the best way to protect our communities. We want to see our city become a place where no livable house stands empty and no person has to be homeless.
Legal Disclaimer: This is a satirical site intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are a poor or homeless person and were considering breaking the law to house yourself and/or your family, please immediately resume sleeping on the street or working three jobs just to make the rent.